Our services

What we offer is not limited to organizing and booking your travel trip, but we also make sure to provide the program that suits your trip needs. Our consultants provide and deliver

Reservations of airline tickets

Reservations of airline tickets on all international and regional airlines.

Hotel reservations

Confirmed hotel reservations in various hotels around the world.

Tourist Excursions

Organizing group and individual tourist excursions.

Sports Team Trips

Arranging sports team trips to participate in tournaments and training camps.

Honeymoon Trips

Arranging honeymoon trips.

Umrah Trips

Arranging Umrah trips throughout the year, including hotels, tickets, and visas.

Medical Trips

Organizing medical trips, recreation and physiotherapy trips in the best Turkish hospitals and health resorts in the Czech Republic.

Car reservations

Car reservations for airport pick-up and tours.

Tourist packages

Tourist packages and excursions on board the latest and most famous cruise ships in well-known tours around the world.

Train Tickets

Arranging and booking travel trips between countries via trains.

Business Trips

Arranging and booking business trips and arranging private jets.

Driving License

Issuing an international driving license.

Travel Visas

Assistance in arranging the issuance of travel visas to various countries of the world.

Travel Insurance Policy

Issuing a travel insurance policy.

Charter flights

Arranging charter flights for individuals, families and corporates