About Us

Journies Travel & Tours LLC has established itself since its beginning as one of the most active travel agencies and has become at the forefront of the leading companies operating in the travel and tourism industry in the State of Qatar, due to its continuous development in its services and the development of new and innovative services that keep pace with the development of the tourism sector Globally.

The company, which was founded in 2010, is considered one of the leading companies in the State of Qatar operating in the travel and tourism industry, as it is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which opened vast prospects for cooperation with major airline companies around the world, and has practical experience that exceeds Decade of time, which made it one of the trusted travel companies for its services, activities, and various tourism products.

The company provides various travel and tourism services to all companies and government and private sectors, and the best specialists in the travel and tourism industry work with us. Our multilingual consultants have long experience in the field of tourism and organize all types of trips (family, youth, group, religious, therapeutic, recreation and sports), In addition to their close relationships and distinguished network of regional and global contacts, which enables them to meet the requirements of various valued clients and design diverse tourism programs throughout the year.

In addition to the long experience in the tourism and travel market, our team has knowledge of the needs and requirements of the traveler of different nationalities, which enables them to achieve a balance between comfort, luxury, and the appropriate cost to make your trip an unforgettable experience, and from your time more enjoyable, and makes Journies Travel and Tours LLC the perfect choice for the traveler searching for perfection on his journey.

Providing distinguished travel and tourism solutions in innovative ways to our customers and professionally, and providing high-quality services by following the latest technology, skills, and optimal professional knowledge, while complying with the policy of honesty, integrity and loyalty with our customers and partners.

To obtain the satisfaction of our valued customers by implementing the best practices in the field of tourism and travel and related services, and to meet all their needs and achieve their aspirations, to maintain our prestigious position in the tourism and travel industry.

Achieving excellence in the various tourism services provided by the company to reach customer satisfaction.

Following the best internationally recognized standards in everything we do, performing our tasks and providing our services with honesty and transparency, with the help of highly qualified competencies, training them and developing their skills to meet the various operational challenges to enable them to do their work in the best way.